Our Wild Cats

Feeding and care

Here at Wild Cat Breeder, we recommend that you give your wild cat whole prey as much as possible. This is the natural diet for wild feline. When you give whole prey to your wild cat it will get all the vitamins and minerals it needs from the meat, organ meat bone, feathers and fur. When you choose this kind of diet, your cat will not need to be given supplements. Never give your cat cooked meat on the bone as it is prone to splinters when it is cooked which is very dangerous.

Internal and external parasites

Our cats are regularly treated for internal and external parasites. They are vaccinated with the three-in-one killed vaccine at 12 weeks. You will (as you would with any animal) need to worm regularly and treat for ticks and fleas. We use Panicure paste for worming and Advantix for ticks and fleas.

Our Cats

We are very lucky to have the privilege to share our lives and care for African Serval Cats, Asian Leopard Cats, Savannah Cats and Bengal Cats.

Our cats are fed a 100% natural diet of raw quail, pheasant, venison, rabbit and other rodents.

Our Cats

Savannah Cat

It has been said that the breed closely resembles a dog in it's ability to be clicker-trained ; it's sociable temperament ; it's enjoyment of playing fetch ; as well as it's aptitude to be trained to walk on a harness. Though, it still remains a cat in it's behaviour ; loving affection and attention, but only on it's own terms.

Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat

It is perfectly suitable for households with children and dogs ; though it must be stated that this animal has a high prey drive and can pose a threat to smaller pets such as rodents and rabbits.

As an intelligent and active animal , the Bengal does need a lot of attention and care to avoid the development of destructive behaviours.


The Serval Cat

Servals have been kept by humans since the ancient Egyptians, despite this, they are not considered domesticated and even when kept as pets, they require a lot of care and stimulation. This cat is nocturnal, intelligent and energetic ; and when raised and kept properly, they can form a bond with their owner and have been known to be affectionate and playful, though they remain wary of strangers.

Asian Leopard Cat

Asian Leopard Cat

Being domesticated 5000 years ago in Neolithic China, this feline is to this day, a popular exotic pet due to it's beautiful colouration, and similarity to a domesticated cat.

This animal is naturally shy with humans, but can be tamed with regular interaction and handling.