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The Serval Cat

There are fewer servals now than ever before due to the human population taking over its habitat and hunting for its pelt. It is not an endangered...
Asian Leopard Cat

Asian Leopard Cat

On average, the Asian Leopard cat is as large as a domestic cat, but there are considerable regional differences. In Indonesia, the average body...

Pure Bred Asian Leopard Cats & Serval Cats

Wild Cat Breeder considers it a privilege to be able to share our lives with, and care for, our magnificent wildcats.

We will occasionally offer for sale, to the right owner, a small quantity of Serval Cats, Asian Leopard Cats and quality Bengal Cats. That is to cat lovers who want a cat that is different, stunning and very very special. These wonderful felines are for people who can devote time and the financial commitment to caring for them properly.


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We currently do not have any cubs, kittens or adult cats for sale.

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