Savannah Cat

The Savannah Cat is a hybrid resulting from the cross-breeding of a domestic cat and a Serval. The name Savannah Cat comes from the habitat preferred by it's wild ancestor ; as well as the warm feel emitted by the animal's colouration.

It is a companion animal, and domestic alternative for a potential owner who appreciates the colouration of the Serval but wants a tamer companion without the need for a permit or licence.

The breed was established in the early 1980's when the first known breeding occurred between Servals and domestic cats. Despite being a recent breed, this cat has become extremely popular, with over 60 breeders worldwide.

Though there is much less restriction in possessing a Savannah Cat compared to a Serval, there are still some states and cities that place restrictions, due to the breed's history as a hybrid.

Size and Appearance

As with many hybrid animals, the Savannah Cat resembles both parents, and in many ways is much like a domestic cat ; it is less tall than the Serval ; however one of it's great appeals is that it still retains the beautiful tawny colouration with spots ; long ears and longer than average legs, similar to the Serval.


This cat is said to be a wonderful companion, as long as it is provided sufficient stimulation and socialisation ; it is affectionate and playful. Unlike the Serval, the Savannah Cat is suitable for homes with other pets and children ; however like the Serval, it enjoys playing with water and can jump onto high surfaces. As this cat can jump 8 feet or more high, it would be appropriate to provide cat trees and climbing frames, as well as pools of water, for the cat to satisfy its playfulness.